I Just Found the Perfect Summer Shirt

I Just Found the Perfect Summer Shirt

A cool, easy-going way to enjoy the summer weather.

One of my favorite purchases this Spring/Summer was a trio of loose-fitting button-up shirts from H&M. I already had a vision of a thin loose-fitting shirt, unbuttoned at the top, sleeves rolled up, with the bottoms tucked into shorts. I liked the tom-boy aspect of this image, as well as the practical nature of such shirts: easy to keep cool in the summer heat, offers plenty of coverage from the sun, and no worries fitting into the shirt after a large meal!

So imagine how my pulse quickened when I saw a whole display of such shirts at H&M. I was just going to buy one, but felt torn: was I a classic white shirt girl, a preppy striped shirt girl, or a hip blue shirt girl? I felt like I was all three! Then I looked at the incredible low price, and decided to get all three.

Here, I went on my roof and took some pictures:


#1: Blue Stripes & White Shorts, The Prepster



I really like this shirt because you can spill all sorts of stuff on it and it still won’t look   dirty because it has stripes!  I wore it when I moved apartments this summer, and   it really took a beating and kept on licking.


#2: All White & Jean Shorts, The Everywoman



Amazingly, this white shirt washes clean every time, and didn’t get yellow-y over the summer.  I’ve worn it pretty aggressively all spring and summer and like its two sibling shirts, it has held up really well.  The collars don’t do funny things when you wash them, I never need to iron them even though they are 100% cotton, and the buttons stay on real strong, with conviction dammit!



#3: Industrial Blue & Red Shorts, The Hipster



This shirt looks good on my skin tone.  Sometimes I like to do the half-tuck in front.  I have had these shorts forever.  I got them for 99 cents.



And that’s a wrap!  Remember, look at each item of clothing independent of its label.  As far as baggy button down shirts are concerned, I really see no reason to buy a more upscale brand, I really don’t.

All shirts were $12.99 at H&M.

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