The Perfect Lunch (for a Communist)

Aside from cannibalism, I think I’ve pretty much tried every “philosophy” of eating under the sun. I’ve tried juices, smoothies, raw foods, veganism, salads, and all of that new-age stuff. I’ve tried old-school options from Italian sandwiches, to the stews of South America, Eastern Europe, and Korea. I’ve had Oscar Meyer bologna white bread sandwiches, Olive Garden pasta, and Ruby Tuesday burgers. I’ve fallen asleep at my desk with a stomach full of foie gras.

And while I am always game to try something new or to revisit an old favorite, what sits best with me for lunch, what I would love to have five days out of seven, is just a simple bowl of WHITE rice, Chinese greens, and a warm, translucent, poached egg perched atop it all, with a trickle of soy sauce running down its silky cheek.

This is the food I grew up with, the food I learned to feed myself with, the food that I was embarrassed by as a teenager, and the food that I abandoned when I sought wisdom from self-proclaimed nutrition gods of the Atkins, Raw Foods, and other modern tribes.

This is the food I return to.

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