This Japanese Wash Cloth Will Change Your Life

Did your washcloth win an invention prize?

That’s right, the Salux Japanese Wash Cloth is an award-winning wash cloth.

It’s so fancy, it comes with instructions.

SALUX Instructions (color variations in original):

1. Keep your body wet. Soap the wet SALUX cloth… watch the lather grow.
2. Keep SALUX away from the direct flow of water, otherwise soap suds on it will be washed away.
3. Idea for cleaning the entire body.
4. Special texturing stimulates skin and blood circulation.
5. After washing with SALUX, rinse thoroughly. Fast drying… Hygienic… durable.

None of those steps are a joke.

1.  You will literally watch the lather grow with your mouth hanging open.  And after you’re done your shower, you’ll probably feel an urge to show a family member all the suds on your shower walls.  It’s crazy!

2.  However, if you try to soap up your SALUX while standing under the shower head, you will not generate any soap suds.  You’ll feel like you’re scrubbing yourself with a plastic shopping basket from your local grocery store.

3.  The SALUX will scrub you silly even if you, like me, are too lazy to scrub yourself.  All you have to do is move it up and down across your skin, and your SALUX will descend upon your epidermis with the force of a thousand wild stallions.

4.  The texturing is a lot more prickly than a normal shower pouf so if you have cuts and stuff, becareful.

5.  I’ve been reading that regular shower poufs and exfoliating mittens are breeding grounds for bacteria.  I believe it!  But the SALUX is literally a piece of woven plastic and there’s no room for anything… organic to grow.

I ordered mine from an online retailer through Amazon.  But beware! There’s a SALUX SCANDAL going on these days, where certain retailers will send you a FAKE SALUX that’s actually made in China and not this gentle pastel green color but a harsh, fluorescent green!  So do make sure to look up the credibility rating of the SALUX retailer you end up buying from.

Holy shit, I think I spend too much time on the internet.

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